Frequently asked questions

What is The New Work Association?

The New Work Association is a registered association formed by businesses offering light entrepreneurship services that aims to promote self-employment and light entrepreneurship. Its members are Finland’s largest invoicing service providers, Free-Laskutus, Odeal, Suomen Palkkiopalvelut and The members of the association are committed to the ethical rules of the industry.

How large a portion of the trade does the association represent? Measured by revenue, the association represents approximately 95% of the businesses working in the invoicing service industry.

What does light entrepreneurship mean?

Light entrepreneurship means a line of business that is conducted through an invoicing service. Even though light entrepreneurship is a part of the change of the job market and the number of light entrepreneurs increases substantially every year, it is not yet recognised in the eyes of the law.

What is an invoicing service?

An invoicing service refers to a business that offers an individual self-employed person the possibility for invoicing their work without a Business Identity Code. The invoicing service invoices the employer for the work done and pays the employee their salary as well as taking care of the statutory employer obligations as applicable to invoicing services. An invoicing service usually charges a fixed percentage of the final amount of earnings before taxes, deducted upon payment.

How does light entrepreneurship support the changes in working life?

Working life is changing rapidly. In addition to wage work and entrepreneurship new ways of working are emerging, offering more flexibility and diversity. Light entrepreneurship is an essential new form of employment, as it makes self-employment easy and thus promotes the changes in working life as well as growth in both employment and the economy.

Does light entrepreneurship promote entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship works as a passage into entrepreneurship as it allows workers to promote their skill set and test out their business idea before setting up their own company. Of the new Finnish companies founded in 2017, approximately 10 percent have their roots in light entrepreneurship.

Why should the station of light entrepreneurship be improved?

At the moment the current legislation does not recognise light entrepreneurship. The improvement of the position of light entrepreneurship and the position of the self-empoyed in general would speed up the current changes in working life and increase employment, entrepreneurship and economic growth.

How has the number of light entrepreneneurs developed?

Light entrepreneurship is experiencing heavy growth. The number of light entrepreneurs has multiplied by five in the last five years. Already over 100,000 Finns employ themselves through light entrepreneurship and the number of light entrepreneurs increases at an annual growth rate of over 20 %.

What fields of work are most representative of light entrepreneurship?

There are light entrepreneurs working in many different fields of work, e.g. in building and construction, in industry, in transportation and in the fields of entertainment and arts. Typical professions include musician, journalist, contractor and specialist.

What is a typical light entrepreneur like?

Light entrepreneurs represent all types of Finns. There are individuals of many different ages with varying professional backgrounds working as light entrepreneurs. The most important common denominator is a change in their life that is most easily accommodated by light entrepreneurship.

Are light entrepreneneurs happy with their choice of profession?

The majority of light entrepreneurs are happy with their choice. They feel that light entrepreneurship accomodates their situation in life and that as a light entrepreneur they are able to make use of their professional expertise. Light entrepreneurs also feel that they get to work in a way they enjoy and a vast majority plans on continuing working as a light entrepreneur.


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